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Health Benefits Summaries, SPD's, for  State Employees for employees and retireesNew Jersey State Health Benefits Program Home Page SPD for MD State2004 Health Benefits Booklet for Current Employees (pdf) View as HTML Connecticut State Employees and Retirees Benefits Information Ohio Benefits Package Summary for State EmployeesDAS/HRD Benefits - Open Enrollment Manual - Table of ContentsEmployee Benefits Handbook - HMO Benefit Summary Virginia Healthcare for Employees State of Colorado Benefits - Medical-- Dental ARKANSAS STATE EMPLOYEES GROUP BENEFIT SUMMARY PLAN DESCRIPTION [PDF]DFA - Employee Benefits Division : Benefits Library - State West Virginia Employee Benefits Summary of EMPLOYEE BENEFITS for State of Hawaii Employees (pdf)State of Hawaii - Department of Human Resources Development NC Teachers and State Employees Comprehensive Major Medical Plan Minnesota State Insurance benefits index - employeesState Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) - agencies  [PDF] THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SUMMARY OF BENEFITS (HMO)[PDF] THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SUMMARY OF BENEFITS (retiree)

Summary of Benefits Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employee/Retiree (pdf) The State of Washington  State Employee Benefits Texas  State Epmloyeee  Summary of BenefitsFor Your Benefit for State Agency employees - Spring 2004 (PDF)For Your Benefit for Higher Ed employees - Spring 2004 (PDF) State of Michigan Employee Benefits Booklets Kansas Active Employee Health Insurance Information State of Idaho Handbooks and Manuals - Insurance Management - Department of Administration Welcome to the Public Employees' Benefits Program of Nevada  Health Insurance Mandates in the States, 2004: a State-by-State Breakdown ... ERISA example (PDF) (Council for Affordable Health Insurance)         U.S. Healthcare Crisis Turnaround?U.S. A.Drs. & Hospitals    Employers$1.0 Trillion / Year$$$ ERISA $$$50% SavingsThe Only Company with Compliant Solutions for All of You03/23/2010Breaking News President Obama Signed Into the Law the Healthcare Legislation to Revamp Healthcare Reimbursement Laws for All Group Health Plans and Health Care Providers The Final Health Reform Bill Has Been Signed By President Obama Into The Law Of The Land For More Than 95% Americans, As The Most Significant Changes Since Medicare Was Created 45 Years Ago. What Does Obama Healthcare Law Mean To Healthcare Providers And Health Plans? The New Federal Reimbursement Laws Protect Health Care Providers with ERISA Internal And External Appeals, Extended Disclosure And Appeal Rights, New Federal UCR Fee Centers And New Federal Simplified, Uniform Standards For Claim Processing And Appeals. The New Federal Reimbursement Laws Will Eventually Eliminate Most Managed care Abuses New Federal Health Claims & Appeals Laws & Regulationsfor 193 Million AmericansEffective 09-23-2010?010, Jin Zhou, ERISAclaim.comPhoto of President Gerald R. Ford signing Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974President Obama Signing Health Bill on 03/23/2010President Gerald R. Ford Signing ERISA on 09/02/1974New Webinars, Seminars & Certification Classes Announced for New Federal Health Claim Appeals Regulations on July 22, 2010 from HHS, DOL & IRS, Effective On Sept. 23, 2010 for 193 Million AmericansDOL Seal - Link to DOL Home Page   


Links to DOL) 010, Jin Zhou, ERISAclaim.comPatient Protection and Affordable Care ActStatutory Laws [PDF] [PDF] bullet    Affordable Care Act Regulations and Guidancebullet    Regulations on Internal Claims and Appeals and External Reviews: Interim Final Rule  Amendment to IFR Corrections NAIC Uniform External Review Model Act   News Release  Fact Sheet   Public Commentsbullet    Guidance, EOB’s & FAQ’s: TR11-02 TR11-01 TR10-02 TR10-01 EOB1 EOB2 EOB3 FAQ I  FAQ II  FAQ III   FAQ IV   FAQ V ? FAQ VI   Consumer Assistance Programsbullet    Grandfathered Health Plans: Regulation   Fact Sheet on Regulation FAQ’s   Summary Chart Model Notice   Amendment to IFR Fact Sheet on Amendmentbullet    Preexisting Condition Exclusions, Lifetime and Annual Limits, Rescissions, and Patient Protections: Regulation  Fact Sheet  Patient Protection Model Notice  Lifetime Limits Model Notice  Dependents Model Notice bullet    Extension of Coverage For Adult Children:  Regulation   Fact Sheet ? FAQs  IRS Guidancebullet

FAQs on Health Care Reform and COBRA

Affordable Care Act Compliance Assistance Webcast Series Archive: Part I  Part IIbullet    House Committees Health Insurance Reform at a Glance: Summary  Implementation Timeline  Consumer Protections  For Employersbullet    White House Web Page on Health Reformbullet    HHS Health Reform Web SiteEmployee Retirement Income Security ActERISAbullet    ERISA Claims Regulation - 29 CFR 2560.503-1: Regulation FAQ Fact Sheet Claims Guide Claims Cardbullet    ERISA SPD Regulation - 29 CFR 2520.102-3: Amendments to Summary Plan Description Regulations Fact Sheet News Release SPD Rights Fact Sheet SPD from DOL Health Claims Related Informationbullet    Consumer Information on Health Plansbullet    Compliance Assistance for Health Plans ?  Fiduciary Guidebullet    Health Benefits Education CampaignWebinars, Seminars & Certification Classes for New Federal Health Claim Appeals Regulations - Free Webinars - New Federal Claims & Appeals Regulations, Effective Sept. 23, 2010, for 193 Million Americans Seminars - 2011 Two-day Basic ERISA Appeal Seminars - Denials and Overpayment Appeals - 2011 PPACA & ERISA Claim Specialist Certification Programs in Chicago, Illinois  Create An Appeal Department for Your Hospital or Practice (In-house, onsite ERISA Claim Specialist Certification Programs) Welcome with its principal and founder, Dr. Jin Zhou, is committed to providing unique and practical solutions to our nation's health care crisis, in case the Congress and the President of the United States fail to stop our health-care crisis, probable health care crash and future federal budget deficits of $44.2 trillion; We will provide educational and consulting solutions to healthcare providers, clinics and hospitals for maximum reimbursement or crisis turnaround only through compliance of ERISA;We will provide educational and consulting solutions to employers/plan sponsors, insurers and TPA's with compliance assistance to minimize administrative costs and risks through compliance of ERISA; We will provide educational and consulting solutions to the nation to establish or restore the hope, faith and the Law & Order  for our health-care system through education and compliance of ERISA, the federal law designed to regulate about 80% of the health-care claims and 60% of the U.S. health-care expenditure, ERISA is the only "nuclear power" capable of stopping our escalating health-care costs. Compliance is the only common ground for everyone, and it is the only way that we can bail out of our worst health-care crisis since World War II. Our strategy is to solve US health-care crisis through: Scientific identification of the most accurate causation for skyrocketing medical inflation and fundamental failure of US health care delivery system.


Identification of common ground for everyone involved, governing federal law for employer-sponsored health-care system that has been already on the book for the past 30 years - ERISA; andProviding a solution to ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">     Establish Prudent "Personal Responsibility" without Eliminating Employer-Sponsored Health-Care System and without "Skipping Necessary Health Care" and "Personal Bankruptcy";?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">      Keep Employer-Sponsored Health-Care System with Quality Health Care but without Skyrocketing Medical Cost Disaster.Our mission is to prevent another "Failure of Imagination" in US healthcare crisis triggered economic recession or even disaster, and "John Q. ERISA Enforcement"!  New Webinars, Seminars & Certification Classes Announced for New Federal Health Claim Appeals Regulations on July 22, 2010 from HHS, DOL & Treasury    08/05/2010, Hanover Park, ILNew Webinars, Seminars & Certification Classes Were Announced by for New Federal Appeals Regulations Issued on July 22, 2010 by HHS, DOL & Treasury for 193 million Americans. Effective 09/23/2010, New Federal Reimbursement Laws Mandate ERISA Internal Appeals and NAIC External Appeals For All Group and Individual plans With Six New & Most Powerful Consumer Protections - 2009 - 2010 Claim Denial & Overpayment Dispute Two-day ERISA Appeal Seminars, - 2010 ERISA Claim Specialist Certification Programs in Chicago, Illinois New ERISA Appeal Book with 2010 Major Updates  $450  & $150 (Updates only with previous purchase) - ERISA Litigation Support, Facts + Laws + Strategies = Winning Lawsuit When Inevitable - Free ERISA Webinar, The Beginning for $6 Trillion Healthcare Denial Management Market Press Release Announced the Nation's First Certification Program for the ERISA Claim Appeal Specialist for Healthcare Providers and Managed-Care Payers, 10-13-2009, Hanover Park, IL Announced 2010 ERISA Seminars for Healthcare Overpayment and Claim Denial Appeals for the $6 Trillion Healthcare Denial Management Market. 10-14-2009, Hanover Park, IL  Unanimous US Supreme Court RulingIn US Health Care Crisisby Jin Zhou, 02/11/2005?2005, Jin Zhou, ERISAclaim.comManaged-Care Nightmares?Health-Care Crisis without True Solutions? What Does an Unanimous US Supreme Court Say? On June 21, 2004, an unanimous US Supreme Court ruled that claim processing and denials of benefits under the employer-sponsored health plans, ERISA-regulated benefit plans, for both self-insured and fully-insured (through purchase of insurance) health plans, are completely governed by federal law ERISA, that supersedes and invalidates state laws. How Can Anyone in USA, from Congress to General Motor to the White House, from Industry Experts to Patient Advocates, Solve US Health Care Crisis without Even Thinking of ERISA?"Failure of Imagination" As a Nation Is the Real Tragedy - Supreme Court Managed Care ERISA Watch Unanimous US Supreme Court Ruling In US Health Care Crisis Aetna Health Inc. v. ERISA impression Davila06/21/04Opinion of the Court "Held: Respondents?state causes of action fall within ERISA?02(a)(1)(B), and are therefore completely pre-empted by ERISA02 and removable to federal court. Pp. 4?0." "We hold that respondents?causes of action, brought to remedy only the denial of benefits under ERISA-regulated benefit plans, fall within the scope of, and are completely pre-empted by, ERISA02(a)(1)(B), and thus removable to federal district court. The judgment of the Court of Appeals is reversed, and the cases are remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.7 It is so ordered."   Discount for March 2005: $35 $450 ERISA CD BookERISA Claim Appeal Books & SystemsClick here or the CD-Picture to enter our Secured Online Order page With New 2005 Update (including New ERISA Assignment Form Required for ERISA Appeals, DOL, FAQ, B2-3) ERISA Failure SyndromeU.S. Healthcare Crisis Trilogy(Copyright © 2004 by Jin Zhou, ERISAMedical Killing    ERISAMedical Inflation    ERISAInsurance Robbery "Health Insurance Challenges: Buyer Beware" 3-3-04Hearing, Senate Committee on FinanceRead Making a Killing? ?Bar graph showing trends in hospital charges and revenues in California from 1995-2002  ? ?    GAO-04-312?American Job ExportING!Mass layoffs up in January 2004Weirton Steel cancels 10,000GM: $67.5 billion in 2003 The Looming National Benefit Crisis ( Nation under Debt: U..S. economy threatened by aging of AmericaNATIONAL DEBT    COLLISION COURSE    MEDICARE    CALCULATOR    METHODOLOGY►HIDDEN COSTS    ►DEMOGRAPHICS    ►RISING COSTS    ►YOUR SHARE    ►EXPLAINOR Healthcare Disaster at Fault Verdict Index:U.S. Government 30%U.S. Employers & Insurers 30%Healthcare Providers 30%Consumers 10%(ERISA Failure + Managed-Care) Destroyed US Healthcare(ERISA Failure + Managed-Care + HSA) Invite US Federal Budget Deficit & Social Security Disasters = 100X 9/11 Attacks GAO: Current and Emerging Fiscal and Retirement Security Challenges, American Benefits Council/MetLife Conference, Washington, DC, on January 14, 2005Rising Health care Costs Have Many Implications (Direct)Rising Healthcare Costs Have Many Implications (Indirect) Rx-1  $$$$$$$$$ERISA"Health Insurance Challenges: Buyer Beware" 3-3-04Hearing, Senate Committee on Finance$$$$$$$$$$  Rx-2     DOJ: Criminal Resource Manual 2432 Coercive or Fraudulent Interference with ERISA Rights -- 29 U.S.C. 11412432 Coercive or Fraudulent Interference with ERISA Rights -- 29 U.S.C. 1141Title 29 U.S.C.1141 states: "It shall be unlawful for any person through the use of fraud, force, violence, or threat of the use of force or violence, to restrain, coerce, intimidate, or attempt to restrain, coerce, or intimidate any participant or beneficiary for the purpose of interfering with or preventing the exercise of any right to which he is or may become entitled under the plan, this title, section 3001, or the Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act. Any person who willfully violates this section shall be fined $10,000 or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both. The amount of fine is governed by 18 U.S.C.3571. The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines address 29 U.S.C. 1141 under the guidelines for "Fraud and Deceit" (U.S.S.G. 2F1.1) or for "Extortion by Force or Threat of Injury or Serious Damage (U.S.S.G.2B3.2)......" "For example, Section 1141 would reach the use of deception directed at misleading a welfare plan beneficiary as to the amount of health benefits owed to the beneficiary under the terms of the plan or at misleading a pension plan participant as to the amount of retirement benefits to which he would become entitled under the plan upon his retirement."Department of Justice > USAM > Title 9 > Criminal Resource Manual prev | next ERISA in the United States CodeERISA 510    29 USC 1140    Interference with protected rights.ERISA 511    29 USC 1141    Coercive interference. ERISAclaim.comHappyBirthday    Sept. 2,197430thBirthday Happy or Sad 30th Birthday To ERISA?(Copyright © 2004 by Jin Zhou, 2, 2004On Sept. 2, 1974, exactly 30 years ago today, ERISA, The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, was signed into law by President Gerald R. Ford. The congressional intent in enacting ERISA was to protect employees in pension and welfare plans, to provide uniform federal protections in response to the failure of the Studebaker Co. in December 1963, with thousands of long-service employees cheated out off their promised pensions, and to preempt any state laws when the employees pension and welfare benefits were threatened. 30 years later, ERISA Failure in its compliance and enforcement left thousands of retirees without medical benefits, and resulted in a skyrocketing national healthcare expenditure explosion with 45 million uninsured and a possible national pension bailout.ERISA Failure SyndromeU.S. ERISA description Healthcare Crisis Trilogy Jin Zhou Identifies "ERISA Failure" That Killed U.S. Healthcare"Failure of Imagination" Again?  Statement by President Gerald R. Ford Upon Signing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974Photo of President Gerald R. Ford signing Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974  ERISA Celebrates 30th Anniversary As Trouble Brews For the Pension Insurance Program (Spencer Benefits Reports)Excerpt: "The seed for ERISA was planted with the failure of the Studebaker Company in December 1963, leaving thousands of long-service employees without their promised pensions." ERISA Shield Explosion!!!ERISA Patient's Bill of Right from Supreme Court(Copyright © 2004 by Jin Zhou, will change entire health care and litigation landscape.Click here for more details  The Root of U. S. Healthcare CrisisJin Zhou, ERISAclaim.comThe Hearing at Senate Committee on Finance on 3-3-04, [View Video "Health Insurance Challenges: Buyer Beware" 3-3-04Hearing, Senate Committee on Finance or Transcript (PDF) (]  revealed the mechanism, nature and extent of ERISA failure and nonenforcement as the reasons for "Growth in Bogus Health Insurance Plans Targeting Desperate Small Business Owners", as being concluded as "No the results are not good. It’s a tragedy." by Ann Combs, assistant secretary of DOL. The mechanism, nature and extent of ERISA failure and nonenforcement as presented at the Hearing are universally true and applicable to all health care claim denials and delays in managed care environment from all employer sponsored health plans as the root of U. S. healthcare crisis. This is a 911 call on "healthcare 9/11 disaster"!THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT (pdf)  50% Savings inHealthcare Costs forEmployers, Insurers & TPA'sU. S. Health-care Crisis TurnaroundBrainstormingfor ExecutivesERISA Claims Certification Class(Denial Management)Claim Denial & Appeal NetworkClaim RecoveryAppeal BooksSeminarsConsultingReimbursement Crisis? Contingency Recovery Service for Dead, Difficult  and Hopeless Accounts from Denied Medical/ERISA Claims In past 3 Years, This Could Be up to 20-40% of Your Revenue.The Most Powerful & only Book in the U.S. Focused on Health Care ERISA Claim Denials & Appeals for Health Care Providers, Physicians, Clinics and Hospitals.(2003 Update Free Download)We now offer post-seminar teleconference for staff training at $190/hour.The Most Powerful & only Seminar in the U.S. Focused  on Health Care ERISA Claim Denials & Appeals Stop Managed Care Abusive Claim Delays & Denials!Getting Paid with New Federal Claim (ERISA) RulesMaximal Reimbursementor Crisis Turnaround to Get Paid!  Concentrating on ERISA Healthcare Claim Denials And Appeals When Traditional and Conventional Appeal Procedures All Failed  Because ERISA Preempts Your State Laws. ERISA OVERHAUL OF U.S. HEALTHCARE FOR SURVIVAL "Zhou's Model of Prudent Health Care"Are All Consultants Corrupt? (Fast Company)USA: GM chief talks health care as Republicans convene: Auto News"Wagoner reportedly said much of the discussion in Washington tends to centre around a complete, free-market system on one extreme, and a national health care programme [similar to the UK’s National Health Service] on the other. "I suspect we're not going to end up with either one of those solutions," he told the Associated Press. "So if we could get people working on stuff in the middle ... I think there'd be some real improvements made."        Jin Zhou Identifies "ERISA Failure" That Killed U.S. Healthcare"Failure of Imagination" Again? ASO+HMO+PPO-SPD=$1.8 Trillion/Y US Healthcare Crisis ERISA+SPD-HMO-PPO-ASO=50% Savings The First Overhaul for U.S. Health care and GM Is to ERISA-Overhaul GM Health Care Model with Followings:ERISA Compliant SPD with Complete Benefits Coverage, Limits & Exclusions;ERISA Compliant Claims Procedure as the Only Rule for Every One;Elimination of Any Third-Party Managed Care Contracts, UCR & "Medical Necessity"GM Current Model: $5.1 billion/yr, $1,400/vehicle)(GM says health care obligation hit $67.5 billion in 2003)Rx-1  $$$$$$$$$ERISA"Health Insurance Challenges: Buyer Beware" 3-3-04Hearing, Senate Committee on Finance$$$$$$$$$$  Rx-2General Motors National Benefit CenterHealth Spending Projections Through 2013New Federal Claim Regulation (Final Rule)Benefit Claims Procedure Regulation (FAQ)Amendments to Summary Plan Description Regulations (Final Rule)Patient's Rights Claims Procedure Regulation (Fact Sheet)U.S. ERISA sample Health-care Crisis & ERISA Criminal EnforcementCBO's analysis of the President's budgetary proposals for fiscal year 2005Fact Sheet: Affordable Health Care for America's Families (White House) Zhou's Medical Inflation Projection Through 2008:$1,000 Deductible (HDHP / HSA) + $1,500 Discount (HHS / Indigence)[Deductible + UCR + PPO Disc.] =  "Discretionary Spending" + "Price Gouging"=   500% Medical Inflation in 5 years  DOL-Reporting and Disclosure Guide for Employee Benefit Plans (pdf)Compliance Assistance for Group Health Plans (Top 15 Tips)950,000 MD's Settled With Aetna & Cigna on ERISA"Aetna and CIGNA Settlement Secrets"ERISA Certification Programs for Maximal ReimbursementWhat You Should Know about Filing Your Health Benefits ClaimHIPAA Nondiscrimination Requirements Frequently Asked Questions     ERISA Power Guides(Copyright © 2004 by Jin Zhou, You Should Know about FilingYour Health Benefits Claim (Claims Card)Filing A Claim For Your Health Or Disability Benefits (PDF)Patient's Rights Claims Procedure Regulation (Fact Sheet)Benefit Claims Procedure Regulation (FAQ) (PDF)New Federal Claim Regulation (Final Rule) (PDF)Amendments to Summary Plan Description Regulations(Final Rule) (PDF)      New & Interactive From DOLNew @ elawsHealth Benefits AdvisorDOL/EBSA Organization Chart/Regional and District EBSA Offices | By Topic | By Audience | By Organization | By Location       Department of Labor"A group health plan is an employee welfare benefit plan established or maintained by an employer or by an employee organization (such as a union), or both, that provides medical care for participants or their dependents directly or through insurance, reimbursement, or otherwise. Most private sector health plans are covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Among other things, ERISA provides protections for participants and beneficiaries in employee benefit plans (participant rights), including providing access to plan information. Also, those individuals who manage plans (and other fiduciaries) must meet certain standards of conduct under the fiduciary responsibilities specified in the law."   Statutes (United States Code) ERISA - Title 29, Chapter 18.         Selected links:Sec. 1002.DefinitionsSec. 1003.CoverageSec. 1022.Summary plan descriptionSec. 1027.Retention of recordsSec. 1104.Fiduciary dutiesSec.1106.Prohibited transactionsSec. 1140.Interference with protected rightsSec. 1141.Coercive interferencepart 7group health plan requirements  Code of Federal RegulationsCodified in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations:Regulations        Selected links:2520.102-3 Contents of summary plan description.2560.503-1 Claims procedure.  Department of Justice Criminal Resource Manual (ERISA) Criminal Resource Manual 2429 Failure to Perform ERISA Reporting and Disclosure -- 29 U.S.C. 1131 (ERISA Section 501) Criminal Resource Manual 2438 Form Indictment -- False Statements and Concealment of Facts in Employee Benefit Plan Records or Report Criminal Resource Manual 2430 Elements of Proof for 29 U.S.C. 1131 and ERISA Obligations Criminal Resource Manual 2431 Form Indictment -- 29 U.S.C. 1131 Criminal Resource Manual 2432 Coercive or Fraudulent Interference with ERISA Rights -- 29 U.S.C. 1141 Criminal Resource Manual 2433 Form Indictment -- 29 U.S.C. 1141 Criminal Resource Manual 2435 Investigative Jurisdiction -- 18 U.S.C. 1027 ERISA & ClaimAetna Video Shows ERISA Patients Mistreated "According to the video, when faced with claims for identical medical problems, Aetna separates the claims where no damages are available - those subject to the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA - from non-ERISA claims, where consumers can sue.1 2" Aetna ERISA Settlemnt with 950,000 MD's  Final Rules Patient's Rights Claims Procedure Regulation Fact Sheet - What To Do If Your Health Coverage Can No Longer Pay Benefits Questions and Answers: Recent Changes in Health Care Law (PDF) Continuation of Health CoverageCOBRA ERISA Laws/RulesERISA in the United States Code: Cross-reference table, table of contents ERISA in US CODEERISA in the United States Code: Cross-reference table, table of contents (detailed)(  Department Of Insurance Web Sites for All 50 States HHS OCRHome PageOffice for Civil Rights - HIPAA HIPAA Privacy Rules Republished In Single Document (PDF)View Health Information Privacy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Privacy Rule Summary [PDF] [RTF]Full Text of Final HIPAA Privacy Regulations (PDF format) (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) HHS ISSUES NEW FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS ON AUTHORIZATIONS UNDER HIPAA PRIVACY RULES, (FAQs) (Updated Sept. 24, 2003) Is a health care claim appeal considered a HIPAA-adopted standard transaction?"No." (11/06/2003) HIPAA PrivacyFull Text of Final HIPAA Privacy Regulations (txt) (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)Press ReleaseFact Sheet Office for Civil Rights - HIPAAOCR Guidance Explaining Significant Aspects of the Privacy Rule- December 4, 2002  Working Families' Health Insurance Coverage, 1997-2001 (Center for Studying Health System Change) "Of the 189 million nonelderly people in working families in 2001, 77.5 percent, or 146 million, had employer coverage,.."  Health Spending Rose 10% in 2001, Mostly Because of Hospital Costs, Study Says (  USA Today Opinion Pieces Debate Employers' Role in Healthcare Cost Increases ( - Workers pay more for same flawed health plans  Opinion: The Coming Crash in Health Care ("Thus it may come as a surprise to learn that the managed-care industry is dying. Oops, did we spill the beans so soon? Well, so be it. Managed care is on the way out." HIPPA FinalHHS Adopts Final Security Standards, Transaction Modifications for Electronic Health Information Under HIPAA  Managed Care and Patients' Rights(JAMA Editorial)  Enrollee Appeals of Preservice Coverage Denials at 2 Health Maintenance Organizations (JAMA Abstract)  National Compensation Survey: Employee Benefits in Private Industry in the United States, 2000 (PDF) (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics) Government Survey: Employee Benefits in Private Industry, 2003 (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)  Data Provide Details on Characteristics of Health Insurance of U.S. Workers (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)