Fountains by Erisa Wilson

Outdoor water fountains are excellent for elevating the aesthetics of your property. You can find several options available, each with its unique benefits. But which one should you select for your particular yard and landscape?

If you need help choosing the right outdoor fountain for your landscape, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the team at Red Earth Shop reveals the different types of classic and modern outdoor fountains, their features, pros, cons, and more. By the end, you should have no trouble picking the perfect one for your space, budget, and goals. Let’s get started!

Outdoor Wall Fountain

Outdoor wall fountains or wall-mounted fountains are great for small yards. Since they don’t go on the ground, they take up minimal horizontal space, leaving your small yard open and free of impediments.

Besides building or using walls, you can mount an outdoor wall fountain on a post or fence. Most outdoor wall fountains are plug-in units that are easy to install and maintain. The cost of an outdoor wall fountain usually depends on its materials. Stone, clay, wood, fiberglass, and metal options are all available.

Fiberglass is popular because it’s weather-resistant, durable, and reasonably priced. Copper wall fountains are also durable but pricier than fiberglass fountains.

If you want a classic-looking wall water fountain, go for one made from cast stone or concrete. However, since stone and concrete wall fountains are heavier, they cost more to install and require more maintenance.

Tiered Outdoor Garden Fountains

Tiered fountains are one of the most popular options for standalone outdoor fountains. They are excellent for boosting curb appeal and making your yard more elegant.

Most tiered outdoor garden fountains have two, three, or four tiers. The water cascades from the upper tier to the lower tier(s), creating a gorgeous waterfall effect and generating the soothing sound of trickling water.

Large tiered outdoor fountains usually go in the middle of the yard. As such, they are only suitable for homeowners who have sufficient yard space. Fortunately, other sizes of tier fountains are available. Fountains re-creationAs long as your yard isn’t tiny, you can probably find one that’s a good fit.

The best materials for tiered outdoor fountains are resin and stone. Both are highly durable but require proper maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. Stone tiered fountains are heavier and pricier to install. You can get both options in various colors to match your yard and building aesthetics.

You can also get them in a range of shapes and designs. Modern designs are subtle and have few carvings. To ensure that your gorgeous tiered fountain stays visible even after dark, pair it with artificial lighting for a beautiful night display.